015 - Hello from Kat, Motherhood + Brand Photographer in DFW

I'm a Motherhood + Brand Photographer just south of Fort, Worth Texas documenting women with the ones they love and doing the work they love!

I'm creating a community where women can connect with compassion around the topics of motherhood, photography, and faith.

After I was diagnosed with lupus, my camera transformed into the instrument I now use when I struggle to put into words what I so desperately want others to understand. Whether it’s a routine day of homeschooling my four boys, celebrating my latest gluten-free triumph, shampooing my hair, diffusing essential oils, or I’m anxiously climbing a dark valley, I’ve learned I can sing of God’s grace & mercy through the images I create. And so can YOU!

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Katherine Calaway
012 - What's the mission of Mom Photo Balm?

Check out the new, refreshed Mom Photo Balm website!

The the current site went live as scheduled on Friday, July 20! (Although, I'm still adding and tweaking things daily.)

It is my desire at Mom Photo Balm to help you discover how to confidently document life with heartfelt photos so you can have keepsakes of your motherhood journey!

I just want to say thank you for supporting me in this process!! Growth and change can often feel awkward and uncomfortable, but your presence and encouragement have sustained me. Thank you. Truly.

I pray that as you browse the new site, you find helpful tools to equip you with the confidence needed to show up in photos + life! God has you here for a reason, and I want to help you step forward, boldly in His will, so that those you love see and feel His love through you.

I'm right here to help provide you with meaningful photos as beautiful evidence of Christ's working in your heart and life. We're in this together, as He's still workin' on me, too!

Discover how to create heartfelt photos with your own camera!

Katherine Calaway